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"Gun control means being able to reliably hit what you are aiming at." - Me, 24 April 2012
Pre-Obama America is Gone With the Wind. And frankly dear, I DO give a damn!
Algore totally lost it (mentally) when he totally lost it (electorally). His already tenuous grasp on reality permanently severed during his three month long temper tantrum. He bought and paid for that election - he bribed all the right people, had ballots stuffed all over, and knew he should have won, but it seems a few too many people voted against him. Too bad, so sad. LOSER!
SA is the last refuge of the genuine, hardcore Stalinist Communists. Don't ask me how they wound up in charge of that rag, but it is DEFINITELY not a REPUTABLE scientific journal.
You mean the disreputable rag whose editorial staff screamed bloody murder when Soviet communism collapsed? They claimed communism hadn't gotten a fair chance. Seems almost all of them are hard core commies. When I saw their comments, I never read another issue. It was some of the most insane, biased coverage I've ever seen.
MSM takes a prediction where the outcome may indeed follow from the the prediction, but the prediction has zero chance of happening - then presents the thing predicted as proven fact, not subject to question.
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Who Is 'Racist'?

CapitaLost Wrote: Apr 24, 2012 6:44 AM
I haven't had even a single shred of respect for any MSM outlet since the 2008 election orgy of bias. I even refuse to watch their "newscasts" (propaganda fests). The libs hate Fox because it is ONLY 50% shamelssly leftist biased (they call this "fair and balanced"). They want EVERY news source to be 100% leftist. No exceptions.
Recently you haven't even had to look hard. Just read the headlines.
Isn't it wonderful how all this diversity in government has made life here so glorious and the economy so strong! All these minorities, women and gays running things. Wow. It is so great to be a citizen of the Socialist States of Amerika.
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Amazon is Obama's Mistress

CapitaLost Wrote: Apr 23, 2012 7:57 PM
At which point Bill Gates began buying up business real estate just across the border in Vancouver. not long after that, the DoJ seemed to mysteriously lose interest in pursuing that case. I just love market responses to totalitarianism. Of course today, Obama would just nationalize Microsoft.
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