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Also read Jonathon Moseley's article in American Thinker, Targeting the IRS. He discusses filing a RICO suit, but someone with standing, like Catherine Englebrecht has to initiate it. (see Larry Klayman/Judicial Watch re Clinton)
How quit talking and take some action like filing a RICCO suit? Are we serious about taking the IRS to task or just going thru the motions. see American Thinker article by Jonathon Moseley re: Larry Klayman and Clinton
Really amazing....here is the guy that exempts his staff from the ACA and he sits there joking about peoples' lives, healthcare being up-ended. It's ONLY 5% of the policies. YEAH , which is up to 15 million people. We'll see how happy these people are when they lose their doctor and have limited choices. AND they will vote.
I don't see any comments from the 7 people that marked this story as INSANE. What? Can't support your vote?
Not true... Tea Party support has been steady for the last 2 years. The drop of 2% support is not significant as the error in the poll was +/- 3%. It's Obama's support that has dropped to an all time low of 43% approval.
Virginians will curse the day that they vote McAuliffe in as governor. Your life will be forever changed by northern Va. I watched Illinois be destroyed by Chicagp/Cook County. Downstate Illinois, mostly rural, doesn't have a chance. I see this happening to Virginia, and McAuliffe will be the start. Don't do it!!!
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