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Media Ushers in Cowardly New World

Capitalist at Birth1 Wrote: Dec 28, 2012 9:01 AM
Are you insane or black, or both? I want Obama to succeed to teach the average American who is il informed, un educated, and just plain stupid and ignorant, to realize that something for nothing is a fairy tale. "Animal Farm" by George Orwell (his pen name) should be required reading for all High School students in this country. No rational person would support the deficits Obama has created, nor should any rational person support any deficit spending except in extreme emergencies (World War II for example.) I argued with the adult Democrats caucusing in my parents basement from 1958 thru 1967 about this very subject. Unfortunately they were not as well educated as I was at 9 years old (1958) and 18 years old (1967.)

What a difference a few month makes.

Last month we were told by a fawning news media how great things were. The economy was a little engine that could.  And the declining unemployment rate was touted in headlines as significant progress toward economic recovery.

Unemployment rate falls to 7.8% in September, reported the Washington Post- a four-year low...”nearly”… whatever “nearly” means.

“The nation’s jobless rate dropped to its lowest point in nearly four years in September. And unlike some recent declines, this one happened for the right reason: not because people gave up looking for a job, but...