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We get 7% of our oil from the mid east. How is that OUR oil interests, tg?
Perhaps, Obama is a closet Sunni Muslim. I believe that is the religion of his stepfather and his family in Kenya.
Your head count for Al Qaeda in Afghanistan is way to low. The numbers I have seen range from 3-5,000.
Actually, Malaki fired all of the Sunni military officers and put out an arrest warrant for the Sunni President twenty four hours after we left.
Unfortunately, Obama will not lead the coalition and this problem will fester until the next President cleans up Obama's mess.
I receive at least five donation requests a week from Ron and another five from Rand. The apple didn't fall far from the tree. Neither one of them has the ability to be President. Nor, will I ever vote for either one.
Ditto DSMike
So, basically you have no solution. The Muslims have been at war with Christianity and Judaism for over 1300 years, and will continue to attempt to eradicate us from the face of the earth, unless we martyr all of them so that they may get their 72 virgins. It is not a religion, it is however, a cult of death. Not much different than the NAZZI's
ISIS is the creation of the Saudis if you check your history. The Ottomans nearly destroyed the Sunni Muslims.
Dr. Paul, Please stay retired and enjoy your life. This is why you, amongst other reasons, nor any so called Libertarian will ever be elected President. If we had left 15-20.000 troops this problem would not have occurred. You are quick to criticize, but never lay out your alternative vision. If we just left the middle east alone, the entire world would end up in chaos. Isn't that what Obama has been doing?
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