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If Jonathan Gruber is an economist, the University that conferred upon him a degree should be investigated and closed.
Sorry, they are human garbage and pawns as well.
Maybe Obama contracted HIV/Aids in the Chicago Bath houses he was known to frequent. HMMM?
The Congress can simply refuse to fund the agencies involved. If it means a so called Government shutdown, so be it. It is the only power they have short of impeachment. If they wait for two and a half years the damage will be permanent. Get it?
Because they are all in cahoots.
By the way I am not a Paul supporter, but I am a Libertarian
There is nothing in the Libertarian philosophy about pushing drugs onto our kids. I guess you think that putting people in jail for possession of small amounts of Marijuana has been productive. Such a fool. My father was a police officer in Denver for 28 years and did not agree with the so called War on Drugs. It did not work with alcohol and it will never work with drugs. We have become a Police State because of it.
If Rand Paul is anywhere near the ticket I will for the second time in my life vote third party. Rand had no idea about foreign policy. The apple evidently does not fall far from the tree.
Where is your proof?
He is no longer in congress. Hasn't been for a year and a half. He could not nor can he be elected to any National office because of his incoherent foreign policy.
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