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I argued this from the begining. How can a law go into effect when it clearly viloates another law already on the books. I don't understand any Catholic who could vote for anybody in the Democrat (Communist) Party in good concsience.
Aren't they natives of Utah?
Why do voters continue to throw their vote away by voting for at third party candidate? In most cases they are, in effect, voting for the Democrat candidate. Such stupidity should stop. The Libertarian candidates have no chance of EVER getting elected to Federal Office. It may be because they do not have the courage to get involved with the day to day grind of Party Politics, and want to continue their role as spoiler, as the did in the 92' Presidential election by voting for Perot. Sad!!!
You mean the liberal NY Times writer?
It is far past the time to pull the taxpayer funding from PBS and NPR.
Surely you jest!! McCain, Norquist, Rove, Donohue, Boehner, Paul, and Mcconnell are all LEFT of center, not from the right. Oreilly is a Totalitarian Socialist, at best. You are daft, Sir.
The correct name of the Party of which you speak, is Democrat, not Democratic.
I believe that that is exactly what he meant. The fact that he does not speak like a Harvard Liar (Lawyer), is of no importance. It has come down to kill or be killed. Your choice. I choose to live an kill anyone who has made their choice to die. Islam was, is, and will always be a cult of death.
We will eventually have to face the reality that no Muslim can be trusted, and it will be necessary to either deport all of them or kill all of them. You choose.
We get 7% of our oil from the mid east. How is that OUR oil interests, tg?
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