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Tocco, Unfortunately, it does involve the civil rights of the murdered children.
Such an important issue, and I am the first to comment? Sad. The discussion of this issue must continue. There is no logical or rational reason to murder a child in the womb except for rape, incest, or the life of the mother, at any time, PERIOD! As Barry would say himself. This country has lost it's moral compass. It will continue to decline if we continue down the path we are on.
It never was only about WMF, the number two man of a qaeda had been in and out of Iraq setting up training camps as early as 1998. He was in Iraq when we attacked recovering from wounds suffered in Afghanistan. He led the Sunni's against our forces after we arrived. This was far more important than WMD.
Yes it is, which is why no one should vote for Jeb, Mitt, Chris, or anyone else who believes the Federal Government should control education, transportation, health care, energy, environment, agriculture, or just about anything it is currently involved in.
Jane Fonda may be repenting for her misguided youth as we speak. She had, only good things to say about the movie.
Totalitarian Socialism is alive and well in the Country. Began it's encroachment with Abraham Lincoln and continues to this day (excluding Coolidge and Reagan.))
You can't pilot a drone from great distances. Any pilots of drones in the U.S. would be targeting things much closer to home.
I saw the movie Sunday. It kept me in my seat with my eyes glued to the screen. The movie was good not great. The ending however is astounding. Most of the audience in the theater gave a standing ovation, and there wasn't a dry eye amongst those leaving. Profound movie, that all should see. Well worth the price. Will make us think twice before sending our young into harms way.
Oh, really?
Mike Pence is a pure statist.
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