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What about the people who were robbed of their property and those that were murdered by the Castros? A very silly argument against the Electoral College. You must be a Totalitarian Socialist. Why do they allow your writings on Town Hall?
Paul is working with the legislature to get the law changed. It is unfortunate for him that the Governor is a Democrat. Grimes is a cry baby.
It has been done before. I believe Kentucky's Law is rare.
Without corroboration from the other party, her story cannot and should not be believed by anyone with a smidgen of intelligence.
May have been a clash of cultures.
Has this supposed event been verified?
I can provide you with one. Her abuse of the position of first lady, (I use the term loosely here) by stealing from the American Taxpayer with her luxurious vacations. You must be studying current event through rose colored glasses, Hmmm????
To fundamentally transform the U.S.A. into a Fascist/Communist state, perhaps?
Spoiled brats, is what they are.
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