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This is so sick it's not even funny anymore. Wake up people - this gov't is on the quick road to tyranny...
Def.: If it LOOKS ugly and dangerous...it's an "assault weapon." So...next question - who decides what "looks" ugly and dangerous? Joe Bite Me? If "ugly and dangerous looking" is the criterion - then Pelosi should be first on the list.
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The Challenge Ahead for Romney-Ryan

CantResist Wrote: Aug 12, 2012 7:53 PM
Thanks for referring the the movie. Important that ALL voters see this impeccably researched documentary. I read Desousa's book, and sent out a chain email to 100's of friends as soon as I saw that this movie is coming around. How about it Obamabots? Are you willing to learn the truth about your false messiah? Or simply bury your heads and vote with mindless loyalty?
Wait...are you saying the Kopecny family wasn't there? They must be racist homophobic haters of humanity...
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