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Senator Harry Reid’s Part in Green-Energy Crony-Corruption

CantonG4 Wrote: Jul 14, 2012 11:06 AM
I believed that these government officials should be made to put their fortunes and money as collateral for the dumb things they propose. Obama could put up his book money, Hillary, Reid and Pelosi could put their millions and when the companies they so strongly support with our money, we can take there's as a down payment for the loan guarantees.

So far our chronicle of the green-energy crony-corruption story, has focused primarily on the connections the players have to President Obama. This chapter stars Senator Harry Reid. When looking at the whole story, it’s important to note that Senator Reid “led passage of the $814 billion stimulus bill and worked to include the loan guarantee program to help finance clean-energy projects”—projects to which, as we will show, he is connected.

In a DOE press release, Reid actually bragged about how he included the green loan guarantee in the stimulus bill: “As I led passage of the stimulus bill,...