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After Newtown, Legislators Target Video Games

canine34 Wrote: Dec 26, 2012 12:42 PM
Do you think people should have to show valid ID to get a library card, buy a beer or buy a car? Well you must be racist!! Republicans aren't trying to suppress votes, we're trying to suppress illegal voting. But race is all liberals think about, so it must be RAAAAAAAAACIST.
Senator Jay Rockefeller has introduced legislation to "study the impact of violent video games on children." This was followed by NRA head Wayne LaPierre blaming - in part - video games as a factor in recent school shootings.

Michael Brown wrote on Townhall that these are important steps to take, asking if those who deny the link between video games and violence - including the game companies themselves - are in denial.

It's a common complaint and, as a fairly avid gamer myself, one that makes me sigh with frustration and want to...