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Obama's Hostile and Evasive Presser

canglemyer-wintrich Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 10:18 AM
Members of the Senate & the House of Representatives have said it will be up to the American People to demand a special committee consisting of all departments and a special prosecutor concerning the Benghazi hearings so this doesn't get swept under Obama's rug. Here it is everyone, sites with the contact numbers for the Senate and the House of Representative: Contacting the Congress U.S. House of Representatives Contact Information Senate U.S. Senate Contact Information WE ARE THEIR EMPLOYERS, TIME TO SUPPORT AND PROVIDE THE TOOLS THEY NEED TO DO THEIR JOBS - TIME TO SPEAK OUT AMERICAN! Thanks

Obama's first post-election press conference, if you could call it that, tells us a great deal about his attitude and the approach he intends to pursue in his second term, which is the same failed policy mix on steroids.

Obama's re-election, of course, gives him the right to pursue these policies, but it doesn't deny elected Republicans the right or relieve them of the duty to oppose them.

If Obama can glean any intelligible mandate from his victory, it is that relentless negative campaigning, demagoguery, divisive identity politics, deceit and superior political strategists targeting essential voters and...