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Liberals Have All The Answers, But Their Answers Aren't Actually True

canetoad Wrote: Jan 20, 2013 10:55 PM
This canetoad has been around the planet a few times, spent nearly thirty years in the good ol US of A before returning home to the Land Down Under. Beautiful Oz with our socialist democracy, where our Prime Minister is an atheist who lives with her boyfriend, our Finance minister is a lesbian and our Education minister is a rock star. Where we never had a recession during the GFC, where health care is a right not guns and unemployment is currently at 5.4% and to boot we have a carbon tax. Too bad about that Murdock dude, though he did have a crack at your crazy gun culture.
Buck O Wrote: Jan 21, 2013 10:39 AM
So, you returned home to enjoy living in a society that's as perverted as you are. Have fun, and buzz off.

Moonbat Exterminator wrote: JR, your assertion that computing a single number for the average temperature of the planet is mathematically impossible is incorrect. It would in fact be a simple, straightforward calculation. In statistics, it's called the mean of sampling means. The weakness of such a statistic is that the enormous variability in the data far exceeds the variability in that number. Even the 90 % confidence interval would be much larger than the variations in that average, making it useless from a practical standpoint. - Al Gore Warming

Dear Moon,

I think we are talking about two different things,...