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Well, as a somewhat intelligent person, I ll wait until I KNOW it's TRUE before going crazy. Simple, isn't it?
Wow, another intellectual has spoken. Nothing to add.
What act? Is there really an act? U sound like you might believe anything... now how about this one. My 'source' tells me that the Earth is a cylinder; what do you think?
After reading the comments here, I can see you clowns took my advice and indeed went effortlessly crazy. No surprise here, you are having fun, and I am having fun... you're just too much!
Hey wingnuts, go crazy over this another insane made-up, bogus, unsubstantiated and unknown to anybody (other then the'source') scandal. Believe it, you like this stuff, you are the stupid ones who don't even realize how stupid you are!
Freedom of speech is grossly overrated! Anybody with an incomplete grade 8 should be exempted.
You sound like a genius. Call them and explain it to them!
You sound like a real, consequential crusader. Call me when you organize your anti-environmental rally. Let's fill the streets!
You are perhaps a tad optimistic about your side's numbers, my friend. But go ahead and start with your trailer park neighbors.
Agree; commenters on this thread are pathetic.
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