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Well, as a somewhat intelligent person, I ll wait until I KNOW it's TRUE before going crazy. Simple, isn't it?
Wow, another intellectual has spoken. Nothing to add.
What act? Is there really an act? U sound like you might believe anything... now how about this one. My 'source' tells me that the Earth is a cylinder; what do you think?
After reading the comments here, I can see you clowns took my advice and indeed went effortlessly crazy. No surprise here, you are having fun, and I am having fun... you're just too much!
Freedom of speech is grossly overrated! Anybody with an incomplete grade 8 should be exempted.
You sound like a genius. Call them and explain it to them!
You sound like a real, consequential crusader. Call me when you organize your anti-environmental rally. Let's fill the streets!
You are perhaps a tad optimistic about your side's numbers, my friend. But go ahead and start with your trailer park neighbors.
Agree; commenters on this thread are pathetic.
This is a GLOBAL problem and GLOBAL protest, you know? Boy, you people are thick. No wonder you never have a point!
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