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You do know the difference between weather and climate, right? Boy, it's easy to feel superior on this thread.
Gazans have no freedom, they live in a ghetto imposed by the terrorist state of Israel. These people are in fact 'freedom fighters' just like Jews in Warsaw ghetto were. Get it you Arab hating anti-semite? (You of course know that Arabs are semites too, don't you?)
As I said before, Arabs, being considered subhuman by Jews and you, get what they ask for; just like Jews under Nazis, right? Why do you hate them so much?
Forgetting that Israel didn't exist before 1948 and therefore didn't 'own' any land in the region? Brits called the Jewish settlers after the WW2 terrorists and by definition, they were. Do some more reading.
Only Palestinians in Gaza have no right to defend their lives and property, right?
Well, the good thing is that these protesters didn't kill anybody. What's the count in Gaza now?... 500, 600?... including children? But those are just Arabs, right righties?
This whole affair reminds me of The Warsaw Jewish ghetto uprising. This time the Jews are not the freedom fighters, they are the murderers and the Palestinians are the victims and freedom fighters.
Have you seen the pictures from Gaza? Have you seen the bodies of Palestinian children? Are you sane?
I think you are a bit too intellectual for most of these clowns.
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