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You know, I took a long hard look at this picture and I came to this conclusion, and I know this is a fantasy but, it's almost like a presidential nominee has to appeal to a bunch of countries insided of their own country. I hear that you have to appeal to hispanics and blacks, but I thought Americans were supose to be one. It's like Romney was campaining to be president for Africa, Europe, Asia, India, and ect. Until America goes back to being a nation, it's finished.
Well, what can I say about this? Im a Canadian but know sheeple when I see them. Oh, we have them over here so don't think your all alone. I thank God every day that we have Stephen Harper in my country and if anyone from the U.S. wants to escape tyranny, then come to my country cause we need more of you! For God's sake, do what needs to be done! May God Bless you and all of Townhall.com. I especially like Mrs. Malkin in her blunt reality. Keep up the fight townhall, you have a few Canadians on your side:)
Well, what can I say, how can this man live with himself? I've studies Psychology and this man is a psychopath. He wants power and nothing but, and it just so happens that the left has all the power in the U.S. He feeds off of himself without the disregard of others and will do anything to feed that power. Put this degenerate in a hockey mask, and he's a Jason. I'd say a good candidate for the next slasher horrer flick in my opinion.
There is something funny about this whole thing. America, please wake up. My prayers are for you and may God bless those who still believe in freedom.
Well, I saw the election and what can I say, America you are done like dinner. I'm a Canadian but I know how important America is for the rest of the world. This communist will reak havoc on you all and you had better be prepared for the worst. I knew that he would be re elected because your voting system is rigged. Let me share this with you cause maybe some of you don't know this, but when JFK was elected, the FBI looked into your voting system and they found out that it was rigged. It's the truth but why didn't they do anything about it?? Nixon beat JFK but the system was rigged and even back then, they didn't do anything about it. Ask yourself, why wouldn't they?? I know the answer but I'll leave it up to you all to find that out...
And low and behold we have commies and ararchists. Shall i start the filter and say that we are all safe as long as Mitt is President? We have to be united under our flags that is our own countries flags. I personally beieve in America and Canada is part of those great flags! Note I said our flags in that we both have our people and culture and we are proud of our differences! Why would our Lord make us with differennt finger prints but want us to be different but under HIM! Not under man.The last thing I'll say is God bless Mitt and his family and may God bless them all but keep in mind of what I told you
Isnt this a live long dem? All I can say is sheep, stop bahhing and wake up!
How can a dem respond, I'm sorry to admit but I"m a ungelded male who speaks the truth! It's not in me to speak lies and distortions. Me and Micheal Savage are ungelded men so I have to speak my conscience. God Bless America, but if He does, He Has to bless sodom and gommorah. Cause He destroyed it and He will do the same for Americal unless you repent!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well im a new dude on this site and very proud to be apart of it. As my nickname says I'm Canadian which is true but I've always felt an attraction to politics cause it's a matter of life and death. Where others were worried about the hockey team, I was worried about real life and had to step out of the bubble of so called safety and look and see without filters. Without going on, Miss Pavlich did a great job especially around that commie jones. Amazing! They chose him as a rebutle to her LOL But there you see it, the new face of the dems. communism through and through. Anyway, she did great and I just wish that MEN could have balls of steal like her to stand up to this commie administration but sadly, the women seem to have all the...
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