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Krauthammer: 'Obama Won, But He Got No Mandate'

CanadianHDConservative Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 7:00 PM
Well, I saw the election and what can I say, America you are done like dinner. I'm a Canadian but I know how important America is for the rest of the world. This communist will reak havoc on you all and you had better be prepared for the worst. I knew that he would be re elected because your voting system is rigged. Let me share this with you cause maybe some of you don't know this, but when JFK was elected, the FBI looked into your voting system and they found out that it was rigged. It's the truth but why didn't they do anything about it?? Nixon beat JFK but the system was rigged and even back then, they didn't do anything about it. Ask yourself, why wouldn't they?? I know the answer but I'll leave it up to you all to find that out...