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Katie Pavlich Discusses DNC With Piers Morgan

CanadianHDConservative Wrote: Sep 05, 2012 5:43 PM
Well im a new dude on this site and very proud to be apart of it. As my nickname says I'm Canadian which is true but I've always felt an attraction to politics cause it's a matter of life and death. Where others were worried about the hockey team, I was worried about real life and had to step out of the bubble of so called safety and look and see without filters. Without going on, Miss Pavlich did a great job especially around that commie jones. Amazing! They chose him as a rebutle to her LOL But there you see it, the new face of the dems. communism through and through. Anyway, she did great and I just wish that MEN could have balls of steal like her to stand up to this commie administration but sadly, the women seem to have all the...