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Putin the Great vs. Obama the Weak

camdenme2 Wrote: Mar 24, 2014 9:00 AM
Presbo Kenya IS weak ! HE lacks of character and integrity ! Putin is kicking the shmitt out of the Presbo while the world watches and snickers!
Grayson,a true nut case ! He represents the left well !
That's just too bad Presbo Kenya !!!! The Presbo just got nuked by his own rules ! LOL
When is Presbo Kenya and Holder going to beheld accountable to the Congress and America for their cover-ups ???? The Presbo continues to make end runs from the Congress and the U.S. Constitution. Impeach these two jerks !
When is Miss "what difference does it make" going to be subpoenaed by the HOUSE ???
Must be a liberal-always using someone else's money !
Poor little Wendy ! She is a cooked goose !
Hagan,what a coward !
I'm calling B.S. on this !!!!
This should come as no surprise to anyone ! Presbo Kenya is NOT a leader but a big fraud !
I'm calling B.S. on her apology ! Resign,Resign, Resign !!!!!
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