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Except tomboyishness can be a positive.
Doesn't California already have something like this in the works?
We are outraged, not by his wanting or having a tank, but by his hypocrisy in wanting to deny us arms.
It was Japanese-Americans, not other Asians.
While small .22s are better than nothing, one size does not fit all. The selection of firearms should be broader. And why be sexist? Let the guys in on it as well.
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Things I Don't Understand

cambeul41 Wrote: Sep 03, 2014 7:53 PM
Studies can show what they were designed to show. I saw the results of one of the studies that I assume that you refer to. In it, giving a conservative response (ie man made global warming is unproven) — was scored as showing lower intelligence. And if you think that proves your point . . . .
Can we assume that he has not lost his right to vote?
"We're the only country that owns guns, for example, and we're the only country with the death penalty." Say what?
I doubt that she ever was or ever will be a customer. The grill , at least, wold be "contaminated."
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Blacks Must Confront Reality

cambeul41 Wrote: Aug 27, 2014 9:09 AM
Gotcha! Loyal Dem's satire is both hilariously funny but educational as well. I do admit that I often read comments without first noting the author. Consequently, I twitch before I see what he is doing.
Both of the above?
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