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A question about Islam did occur to me, but I have no idea how that particular school treats it. If you were able to speak knowledgeably of that particular school instead of "these schools" you would have a point.
"My intent was to get a gun . . . ." Was? As in past tense? Something changed your mind?
How many people answer honestly about their gun ownership to telephone surveys?
If gay, or just curious, see
There, too, are the wives who are learning to use their husbands guns.
Many of us believe that too easily registration can pave the way to the slippery slope to confiscation. You might Google [gun registration confiscation] perhaps even with reference to Califonia or NewYork.
The article I read said she dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. That is revealing? Or perhaps you are talking about someone else.
Where do you find that in the Constitution?
You are accusing law-abiding citizens of being former thugs? I wish thugs could actually be reformed so easily.
Not just you. There are plenty of us who think likewise — but part of the reason we do is we want them to be safe and we are not the threat.
Actually, it does not make it easier for the bodyguards because it is not those honest citizens who cause them to "need" bodyguards in the first place.
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