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Another Attempt to Silence the Critics of Islam

cambeul41 Wrote: Feb 09, 2013 10:08 AM
"And this is where Aerica and Americans get it wrong.... believing that there are multiple 'religions' when instead there is only one." And that one is, of course, which ever one you happen to believe in.

I may be the only American who has seen both the "panic room" where Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard fled in 2010 as a Somali Muslim man hacked at the door with an ax, and the apartment house where this week Danish journalist Lars Hedegaard, 70, was almost killed by an "Arab" - or "Pakistani" -looking man posing as a postman. Since our vast media don't consider these items news, I will tell you about them.

First, Westergaard's panic room. It is a bathroom off the front hall of a modest, modern-style home in the small Danish city of Aarhus. The tiny room...

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