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Why Conservatives Should Applaud the Movies of 2012

Cambermeister Wrote: Dec 28, 2012 4:06 AM
Ironically. those recent grduates of our public schooling see the Totalitarian Gotham and Hunger Games as examples of where the GOP will take us. They're told an all powerful government is the end goal for Republicans.

It isn’t unusual for an unsuspecting viewer to walk into a movie theater expecting two hours of mindless entertainment only to be surprised by a liberal political message that overshadows the proceedings. For instance, “Avatar” (2009) -- the highest-grossing movie of all time -- arrived in theaters with an environmental message that presented a false choice between environmental protection and the success of big business. 2012 also offered up its share of liberal-leaning films including “The Campaign,” “Big Miracle,” “The Obama Effect,” “Step-Up Revolution” and “Peace Love & Misunderstanding.” Fortunately, though, those smaller films were out-classed and out-numbered by many other...