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USDA Promoting Racial Division at Taxpayer Expense

Cambermeister Wrote: Feb 15, 2013 5:38 PM
Uncomfortable with comfort, your forefathers headed ‘over the mountain’ into Indian territory in search of a place to call their own. Scots-Irish from what became your county of Ashe helped craft the Articles of the Watauga Association which Teddy Roosevelt said had “bid defiance to outside foes, and they successfully solved the difficult problem of self-government." Yes, your forefathers started the first democracy in America.

Government watchdog Judicial Watch has released video footage of a sensitivity training produced by the United States Department of Agriculture, a training mandatory for USDA employees. The footage reveals the instructor telling class attendees he doesn't like the word "minorities" but instead prefers "emerging majorities." He also tells the class pilgrims were illegal aliens and that the "insiders" of America get nervous about the "outsiders."

"Say the pilgrims never gave their passport to the Indians," he said to the class while creepily asking for reinforcement of his points through chanting of "bam." "I want you to say the...