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In Defense of the National Organization For Marriage

Cambermeister Wrote: Apr 22, 2012 4:25 PM
David3036, I can't imagine the level of self hatred required to kill oneself. When teenagers get homosexuality, they need to witness proud adults admitting their homosexuality...even on TownHall. They need to be around proud homosexuals that don't think straight labels will make them happy. They need to see people that would never ride on the back of dead teens in a deplorable attempt to discredit those that actually care about teenagers. A teenager killing themselves is horrible. Sadly, some of you celebrate the death as yet another trick towards who knows what? Of all TH posters, Du2 is by far the worst at exploiting these terrible events.

The unfounded attacks and insults lodged against the National Organization for Marriage have increased recently by an ever ravenous opposition. The Humans Rights Campaign has shamelessly published NOMs confidential IRS records, and last month a federal judge unsealed some of NOM’s constitutionally protected internal reports.

Not surprisingly, those who seek to redefine marriage immediately seized upon the opportunity to attack NOM based on these documents with salacious accusations and vilifications.

NOM’s political adversaries have violently reacted to its efforts to leverage an inconvenient truth: African-Americans and Hispanics, as a community, generally reject same-sex “marriage.” They don’t see the redefinition of marriage...