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A New Coalition Emerges to Protect Marriage

Cambermeister Wrote: Jun 02, 2012 2:50 AM
...we have lots of opinions, but we all agree: Our President didn't change any position about 'rights'. This is all about semantics. The uncertain/miserable segment of the homosexual community will crawl through- broken glass (or write checks) for the straight label. Barack is just another enabler. These people...these folks coveting straight nomenclature can't be placated by this. They're angry at Nature, angry with God and angry at you because you are normal. The temper tantrums won't cease by letting them personalize the straight verbiage. Next week, a new issue will make them angry. Do I blame them?... I'd be angry too. But I won't encourage the self hatred. Obama will have to live with what he's doing.

Last Wednesday and Thursday, (May 23-24, 2012), 175 Christian leaders from around the country gathered for a 24-hour marriage summit in the DC metro area. The small group represented nearly 100,000 individual churches and several denominations. The purpose of the summit was to strategize how we would respond to President Obama’s endorsement of same-sex marriage. The group, which included pastors, community activists and denominational leaders, decided to send out a group letter to the president and to develop a pro-biblical marriage resource that could be used around the country.

The summit culminated with a press conference in which black, Hispanic, white...