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Every time I see a comment like Claire's ("lowest taxes in 40 years"), I feel compelled to repeat Milton Friedman: "The cost of government is what it spends, not what it taxes". http://www.realclearpolicy.com/articles/2012/12/18/remember_milton_friedman_spending_is_taxing_382.html
Yes, Republican apathy is the easiest explanation for the fact that GOP pollwatchers were illegally expelled from multiple locations in Philadelphia, were kept out in defiance of a judge's order (police force was necessary to reinstate them), and then those same locations featured incredibly high vote proportions for Obama (far higher than other districts). This may not have provided the winning margin for Obama in Philadelphia, but anyone who says "nah, no hint of vote fraud here" is blindly partisan.
Thank you, Bobby245, for spouting unthinking leftspeak. 8 of the 10 richest counties in the US preferred Obama, and the majority of large individual givers are Democrats. Next time try using facts, instead of mindless Lefty memes.
We also need to get serious about vote fraud, which occurred in Philadelphia, and probably in Cleveland. It may not have made enough difference in this race, but it has in recent history (Al Franken), as well as in a Presidential election (JFK).
WE let HIM down? I suggest you investigate the nightmare called "ORCA" before you put all the blame on "us".
Doug, keep this in mind the next time O'Reilly spouts off on a subject where you have no personal knowledge. Don't assume that he knows what he's talking about then, either.
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