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I wonder the republicans have not acted and are stone walling on the removal of the President. Do you think we can get for an executive action on that!
I don't want to name my source "Mike" but i heard it too! Although I don't think its true either!.
I sure there are a few babies and more than a few dead people that will vote democrat in this here election
John, re Rifcon I was going to suggest that like the left that we should just euthanize all the animals so they can't choke. But having thought about it your answer was more "tasteful"!
Hey Obama remember when you tried to fix the budget and was voted down 414-0. Maybe its best if you just play another round of golf.
R behind your name doth not make you conservative. The dollar falling every year I've been alive should be the new Republican mantra. How we can make it stronger so we don't have to raise taxes, min wage or the never ending list the dem's come up with. 2. 14th amendment needs to be changed which will address the boarder and welfare concerns. I have no idea on how to fix washington,you take the money out of it you will just get power hungry psychopaths instead of greed self absorbed sycophants.
laughed out loud jarhead!
How about a neon green for the freedom to fornicate. Black and blue for the military. Mike I think you should flood the celebration with thousands of cords representing nothing.
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