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If You’re a Moocher, Common Sense Should Tell You Not to Kill all the Producers

caloutlaw Wrote: Jan 14, 2013 11:29 PM
I have listened to too many debates on who got what and where and who is a mooch and who isn't. Moochers aren't restricted to any class or socio-economic group. The talk of the deterioration of capitalism is painful to listen to. True capitalism started to die over a century ago. The moochers in all shapes and sizes are created by the mixed economy the government created. So many regulations layered one on top of the other, some just to tweek the imbalance created by the first. The bigger mooches like GE welcome and sponser the government intervention. It squashes the competition and with the right buddies in office you can do what you want. When will government get back to protecting my rights and the country ONLY.