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He thinks he has you. His peeenis was blown off in Iraq.
usmcpgw Wrote: 12 minutes ago (1:20 PM) "ObamaCare Madness: 40 Percent Tax on Healthcare Plans, Yours May Be Hit? " And Boehner/Cantor are shoving the funding for it through (with the "continuing resolution" as we speak.
"and widdle yipyip puppy swallowed the indoctrination willingly" ". .......that Chihuahua sure loves Obama.
When we need editing by a commie we will ask for it.
GayActivistMolinari: " I tell you what, you type what you think you want to say, send it to me for editing, and then I'll send it back and you can post it. You'd have a better chance and scoring points on me." Scoring points with a commie, Guy? You are in the wrong place....... don't have oxygen deprivation of the don't have any.
littlechihuahuaoffthechain11111 Wrote: 3 minutes ago (1:20 PM) "no, you volunteered to be trained on the illegal tactics of the enemy. Frankly, the deprivation of oxygen you endured explains much. " Really woof-woof? And an armed vehicle with machine turrets and fact 2,700 of them aren't as bad as tanks in the eyes of law-abiding US citizens?............
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