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Satan Finally Found His Political Party—The Democrats!

caligirl59 Wrote: Sep 09, 2012 6:13 PM
Dondi, you are a nut, look at Romney's accomplishments, look at his family. That is NOT ANTI-CHRISTIAN. If any thing Obumber is THE ANTI-CHRIST. Dopehead most of his life..radical communist friends. We had a picture of "eyes" in our paper today..GUESS WHO' EYES MATCHED...OBAMA AND HITLER...They looked exactly the same.

Well, the DNC just wrapped, folks, and it looks like the Prince of Darkness has finally found his political party: the God-booing Democrats!

Booing God? Who the heck boos God? I’ll tell you who: Satan, his principalities and powers, devil worshippers and DNC delegates, that’s who.

Look, I get Democrats raising hell over a picture of George W. Bush, or Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s hairdo, or a video of Rosie speed drinking gallon jugs of chocolate milk … but God? Really?

Hey, media: You can say what you will about Republicans and their foibles, but you’ll never have audio...