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Wah Wah Wah..... Why can't we all just get alongggggggggggggggggggggggggg
Stupid D* ck....um, I mean Stupid Mick, if you keep your gun in a "20 gallon bag" while in a questionable area, you are just plain dumb. mind is in hand......no digging necessary...
Do you think women carry their handguns only in the handbags??? Seriously, bit my bush, but when walking in a questionable situation, gun is in hand or hand is on gun unholstered ready to go.....
And for those who currently have 401K or IRA savings accounts...there is a bill trying to make it's way into law turning those accounts into GSA....Government Savings Accounts, handing your retirement savings plans over to the control of the government. So many "changes" coming if this man is re-elected.... *****Vote Romney/Ryan 2012*****
...And you seriously believe the numbers in the polls....? And just when were you last asked to voice your opinion in a poll??? I believe polls are slanted. Can't believe them now adays. Truth will come out November 6th and not any earlier. Remember....the conservative silent majority....Waiting
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