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Timing? She is being used. Sorry for her condition, but this is just sad. The Democrats are on a very bad run, the house of cards is falling in on them, and the American people are much more concerned about their personal safety, and the economy.
This is a very effective add, however Ms. Grimes can not distance herself far enough from this president. she would be a rookie senator and she would take orders from Harry Reid and the party. There is no way around that even if she really does love guns and coal.
The debate came down to one question. Mr. Nye exactly where did the original atoms of creation come from, and if there is no creator how was the universe created? Mr. Nye "I don't know" its a mystery...Debate over!
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Bye Bye, Harry?

CALIFSON Wrote: Jan 01, 2014 4:57 PM
OK Townhall thats a Huffington post kind of headline. If the GOP will get off their good intentions and stand up for conservative values, we might just actually move old Harry the mumbler and bungler aside. The Republicans have an excellent opportunity to take both the house and the senate in 2014, but will they act upon it? That remains to be seen. Our nations economic and even our spiritual future depend on it. Weare in a battle for the very "soul" or our nation.
Ah the wisdom that comes with age is a wonderful thing. However when I was 21 and voting for the first time my choice was LBJ and the Great Society, the robber of our S.S. fund or Goldwater.Almost everyone I knew was a Roosevelt Democrat, and the memory of Kennedy was stll very strong, however I voted for Goldwater and my heart has been with conservatives ever since.
Time for recall yet? Yes!
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