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The Only Sure Way to Kill Medicare

CaliforniaTory Wrote: Aug 17, 2012 11:52 AM
Hey Tree of Life. Do you KNOW who you're dealing with here? This guy is an intellectual. He's the author of Son of the Golden Turkey Awards. Show some respect!

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have explained repeatedly that their reform proposals would never reduce Medicare benefits for Americans over 55-- who have paid into the system throughout their working lives.

Even changes for younger citizens would be optional – offering more, not fewer, choices for those who want added insurance flexibility, and saving money for a bankrupt system. Democrats who attack Paul Ryan for—in the famous ad—wanting to push Granny off a cliff are exactly wrong: Ryan at least authored a sweeping plan to rescue Granny by providing long-term funding. Demagogic Democrats propose no meaningful changes, beyond grabbing $750...