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“Education Is The Key?” Assessing The Value Of A College Degree In A Tumultuous Economy

califjim Wrote: Jan 06, 2013 1:44 AM
For years the government has increased its underwriting of student loans. Any student who can fog up a mirror is suddenly now able to get loans to further his education. This all seems an insane echo of the government mandated loans to the unqualified that led to the real estate bubble and subsequent recession. Over a trillion dollars in student loans with very questionable prospects for repayment. What could go wrong?

Half of recent college graduates can’t find employment. Those who find a job often settle for something less than a “college level job.”

So what good is a college education, anyway, in our very unstable economy?

As 2013 launches with more federal government debt and American businesses guessing when the next punitive regulatory show will drop, most Americans are ignoring an area of societal upheaval that is poised to get more intense. Increasingly, Americans are wondering how essential it is for one to possess a college degree.

The upheaval transcends what you’ll read in the occasional “top paying” and “worst paying...