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Evidently our Dear Leader has never watched that John Wayne classic "The Sands of Iwo Jima". Yes it is a film that celebrates the US Marine Corps and actually shows people sacrificing themselves for this country even before Obama fundamentally transformed this once great land! Several scenes have wounded Marines yelling the word "Corpsman!" after being hit by enemy fire. Yes Mr President these men called for a Corpsman not a corpseman! You sir are either terminally stupid or are very sadly lacking in a fundamental understanding of the US Marine Corps! On second thought you are probably both!
Mr President you have claimed that you would transform the way business is done in DC. You would be bi partisan, you would broadcast debates on CSPAN, you would make transparency the watchword of you administration. Your utter failure in all of these items is crystal clear. You put forth the idea that you alone could transform race relations in this fair land. You have produced nothing but racial animus. Your AG testifies before congress and states Blacks in this land are "his people." Yes in your cabinet we have a person who obviously divides this country by race. You yourself describe a Black shot in controversial circumstances by a biracial man as "the son you never had." Prejudging a racial incident is BS!
Obama says look at what I promised and what I have delivered????? Barack you promised bipartisanship and racial healing. Both the partisan and racial divide in this country are much worse now than when you took office. You promised that Muslims would suddenly see us as their friends while polls in Egypt show only increased hatred for both Israel and the US. Sadly your claims of being a transformational character can best be described by your own word, you sir are nothing but a "bullsh##er!"
Terrorists who proclaim that their deeds are glorious works done in the name of Islam/Mohammed. A shorthand way of identifying these killers would be to label them Islamic terrorists. That these murderers have the great support in the Islamic world is confirmed by the naming of streets and squares for them in the Palistinian territories.
All the money in the world is no cure for those who view learning as "acting white", who idolize the gang banger life style, whose music denigrates women, whose only male role model is the neighborhood pusher, who think Samuel L Jackson is a wise man when he screams "shut the fu@@ up!", whose pastor screams "God d@m the USofKKK" from his pulpit. In short victimhood is a state of mind that people like President Obama used as a community organizer to further his own political career while making life worse in southside Chicago!
Mr Vice President were you always a jerk or did your hair plugs worsen an existing condition?
When your wife has never been proud of America until you are nominated for president it might be seen as a sign that your household hold nothing but contempt for this country. When your self described "mentor" goes on a "God Darn (sp) the USofKKK" rant in your church of 20 years it might indicate that your own view of this country is one that has nothing but contempt for this country. When you pal is a self confessed terrorist who "didn't do enough" to bomb America during the Vietnam era you might think this country is getting what it deserves when someone terrorizes this fair land. When your surrogate father, Frank Marshall Davis, is an avowed communist who despised capitalism and hated white America you might be a closet socialist.
Obama you sir took GM and Chrysler "bankrupt." Meaning that you decided that certain creditors (mainly bondholders) that were owed monies by both companies would not receive what they were owed. Unions which contributed heavily to your election were then given preferred treatment in stock and not taking the haircut they so richly deserved in their pay and benefits. The headline "Let Them Go Bankrupt" of Romney's NYT editorial was written by the looney leftists at the NYT's. A truthful headline would have been "Reorganize Detriot With Government Backed Guarantees" Obama lying is akin to Obama breathing!
Scurrilous stories of Obama using cocaine? Didn't our President claim to have done "a little blow" in one of his own books? Hardly a stretch to do a little dealing when you are already a user!
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What The Debates Taught Us

califjim Wrote: Oct 25, 2012 12:43 AM
As the current GOP ad shows so well Obama has attacked Romney about little things like bayonets, Big Bird and third degree Romnesia. This from the man who in 2008 claimed only losers talk abut small things when big ideas should be debated! Has anyone in a presidential debate ever had the level of disdain and pure demeaning of your opponent that Obama displayed with his "believe it or not we have aircraft carriers where planes land and nuclear submarines that actually travel under the ocean" rant during the debate? Obama a man cannot and will not credit any opponent as being a person of good intentions. Barack is so convinced of his own goodness and greatness that he sees anyone who opposes him as evil incarnate.
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The New Normal

califjim Wrote: Oct 22, 2012 3:55 AM
A new normal where the obvious complete failure of the president to protect our ambassor to a foreign nation can't be questioned because our president claims "no one in his administration would play politics with the lives of our diplomats." This dispite the fact that the embassy had on numerous occasions requested additional security and had been summarily turned down by the president's political appointees in DC. When the air headed woman who turned these requests down stated that the "ambassador had right amount of protection" the day he was killed. When those who wanted protection were told not to even ask for added security because the administration wanted to "normalize" our presence. Obama lies while our ambassador dies!
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