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Medicare: Recipients Pay for Hamburger, They Get a Hamburger, but Taxpayers Are Being Charged for a Steak

calhar Wrote: Sep 23, 2013 10:42 AM
Just who are the recipients of this champagne dinner??? Between my wife and I we pay over $4500 of medicare and supplemental insurance Yearly.We only use a fraction of it.Is this money being used efficiently or is "MOST OF IT BEING STOLEN".AS LONG AS THAT MIND SET THAT YOU CAN'T PUT PRICE ON HUMAN LIFE PREVAILS.THIS IS NOT GOING TO GET BETTER.IT WILL ONLY GET WORSE.THIS IS ONLY AN "EXCUSE"TO FLEECE THE PUBLIC,OR LET THEM DIE,WHICHEVER THE CASE MAY BE.THE MEDICAL PROFESSION IS JUST AS CORRUPT AS THE GOVERNMENT.THIEVES HAVE NO HONOR>>>>>>>>