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Three Good Polls for Romney

CalGTR Wrote: Sep 05, 2012 2:21 PM
I think Romney has a better chance than any else would have in actually getting something done in getting our fiscal house at least somewhat in order. He has a genuine desire to reign in spending and the size of government, and he also has a track record of selling his ideas to the opposition. I'm not sure there is a better choice out there for us right now. I understand that there are stronger conservatives that might be great down the road, but Romney can start turning the ship around and hand the keys over to someone else with everything heading in the right direction.

Poll #1 from CNN: The race is tied among likely voters at 48 percent apiece, and Republicans have a six-percentage-point enthusiasm edge.  Mitt Romney's favorability is now +10, at 53/43.  For the first time, Romney is viewed more favorably than President Obama, who's at 51/48.  Joe Biden's under-water on favorability, while Paul Ryan is +11.  Romney has a six-point lead on the economy, is virtually tied on foreign policy and Medicare, and has overtaken Obama on leadership qualities.  He has also seized the lead on the question of which candidate has an "optimistic vision" for the country's future.  Romney...