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Yesterday's LollaPaulooza

Caleb27 Wrote: Mar 07, 2013 2:05 PM
I cannot adequately express how angry I am at the Republicans who decided to dine with Obama rather than support Senator Paul in defending the Constitution. McCain and Graham especially ought to be ashamed of themselves. I, for one, am sorry that I ever supported McCain for president (even though he was far from my first choice at the time).
Huskie Wrote: Mar 07, 2013 4:01 PM
AMEN AMEN dine with obama LOL it is a trap a trap fools
he sees his POLL numbers have tanked and he didn't win the LIE WAR on sequester , now you idiots plan to bail him out and have a cute special....stop selling us short we are a lot smarter than you and harvard (?) his game on him wake up dorks
that includes the female GOP where are they????????????????????/ do they exist do they have a dang brain or mouth???????????????????????????

Here's what Rand Paul did with his LollaPaulooza yesterday:

He engaged the country in a serious discussion of first principles. You may not agree with him, but he did it. The Constitution was actually discussed on the Senate floor for more than a dozen hours. Incredible.

He put the president on the defensive, using the force of argument to penetrate the White House's standard operating procedure of never engaging its critics on a serious level. Eric Holder, the hapless AG, came away scorched.

Rand Paul also took an old, old device and married it to the new communications technology, instantly...