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Hopefully the judge will toss out the charges. That's just stupid.
Expand safeguards for transgender workers? What, do they trip on their drag costumes too much?
Great article about a great President.
Townhall moderators - what does it take to prevent all this spam? Other websites I visit don't have this issue.
And for those of us who cannot AFFORD to pay more, what then? Some of us live paycheck to paycheck, sending more than our "fair share" of taxes to pay for useless government programs and freeloaders living off MY DIME. Scum-sucking pig.
Exactly. It's a waste of time and energy to think about impeachment, and it would give the dems more ammunition for talking about those "radical republicans" they love to demonize.
Never. The dems in the senate will never, ever vote to impeach Obama.
Weren't the sequester cuts merely cuts in the *increase* in spending, rather than overall cuts in spending?
Do it, I dare ya. And then when the Republicans win back the Senate sometime next century, you'll be sorry. Reid will probably still be around in another 100 years too.
I don't think he necessarily means OUR president, but rather the president of any islamic country.
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