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On The Minimum Wage, Federalism Won

Caleb27 Wrote: Nov 05, 2014 4:47 PM
So what's the answer? Let the minimum wage go up and destroy businesses and jobs?
By all means, close down the for-profit hospitals, Ms. Reid. Or better yet, nationalize them. Watch as quality of care plummets.
Yes, yes they are. Much like my fellow Minnesotans, many in Wisconsin are born-and-bred lefties, unfortunately.
"In point of fact, a majority of Down Syndrome fetuses in Europe and USA are aborted. What I recommended is not outlandish but the norm." Yeah, well it's still evil, Mr. Dawkins.
Allah (Or Satan as us Christians know him as) would, Mr. President.
""I Don’t Understand How Anyone But Straight White Men Can Vote Republican”' It's easy, but first you need to take your head out of your you-know-what.
Hopefully the judge will toss out the charges. That's just stupid.
Expand safeguards for transgender workers? What, do they trip on their drag costumes too much?
Great article about a great President.
Townhall moderators - what does it take to prevent all this spam? Other websites I visit don't have this issue.
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