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Graham: No Confirmations For Hagel or Brennan Without More Information on Benghazi Attack

Cal29 Wrote: Feb 11, 2013 9:53 AM
Source: New Info on Benghazi Is Going to Come Out & Leave People ‘Amazed & Shocked’ Feb. 10, 2013 9:45am Becket Adams Noted author and Islamic terrorism expert Brigitte Gabriel during a Saturday appearance on Fox News discussed both President Barack Obama’s controversial use of unmanned drones and the Sept. 11, 2012, attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, that left four Americans dead, including Ambassador Chris Stevens. And although the discussion involving unmanned drones presented some fascinating points, perhaps the most interesting moment in the segment occurred when Gabriel claimed that there is unreleased information regarding the Benghazi attack that will leave people “amazed and shocked.”
Cal29 Wrote: Feb 11, 2013 9:53 AM
“As someone working with the intelligence community, I knew that information and more information is going to come out regarding the Benghazi attack that will really leave people amazed and shocked how we have been … on how we are defending the country,” she said.
Marc_H Wrote: Feb 11, 2013 9:57 AM
i find it unaccpetable that help was not sent in that 7 hour window

Cal29 Wrote: Feb 11, 2013 10:12 AM
Absolutely, especially under the lies of a video and that Hussein didn't know anything.......when in reality he knew everything.

Appearing on CBS Face the Nation Sunday morning, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said he will ask his colleagues to hold off on the confirmation of John Brennan for CIA Director and Chuck Hagel for Defense Secretary until the White House coughs up more information about the 9/11 terror attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

“I don’t think we should allow Brennan to go forward for the CIA directorship, Hagel to be confirmed to secretary of defense, until the White House gives us an accounting,” Graham said on Face the Nation. “Did the president ever pick up...