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Conservatives Should End the Debt Ceiling Debate

Cal18 Wrote: Jan 15, 2013 8:32 AM
I'd like to encourage and conservative who enjoys posting on message boards to join me at I've been battling the liberal hordes for four years there day in and day out. The number of conservatives has varied from one to five over time. We're now back down to just two, me and a fellow Marine (I'm retired--enlisted and officer) who is a fine man but not an eloquent spokesman. If you're inclined to opine, please join in the fun!
Watching the American scene in the 1960s, historian Daniel Boorstin, invented the idea of the “pseudo-event.” The rise of television and modern mass media had produced a transformation of the news business, so that what now mattered was not if an event was important, but only if it was “newsworthy.”

As Boorstin explained, the pseudo-event was orchestrated and planned to receive maximum public attention, even if the event itself was really unimportant. Pseudo-events merely look important, because the media and the public agree to act as if they are. As Boorstin explained, the pseudo-event is not something that happens by...