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Racial Divide Worse Under Obama

Cajun Mark Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 10:51 AM
Imagine all us "racists" voting Obama out......
Somebody get Chrissy his meds quick before he has more delusions of grandeur.
I guess that Candy Crowley represented the idiot vote of the left rather well. After she kept bailing out poor Brother Barry's "Titanic" performance. That same performance that sunk the greatest of luxury liners like a turd in the toilet. Less than 20 days and we can flush this bad experience behind us.
This is why we call her Debbie Waterboarding-Schlitz. Listening to her is pure torture and requires excess amounts of bad beer to get rid of the stench....What an idiot...How can anyone take this bottle blond serious?
Bob Beckel,... Yep, the man that managed to lose 49 states in a presidential election. I believe it is still a record in achievement for a Presidential candidate in a major election.....BTW, I love it when Gutfeld just tears him apart on the 5...
Sarah Palin was the only reason to even think of voting for McCain...period. I believe McCain's other choice was Joe Lieberman. That should tell you enough about McCain as to why the GOP lost big time in 08.
and this is news to you? O'Reilly has always been in favor of over reaching gun control. Check it out for yourself. O'Reilly is the "McCain" type of conservative we real conservatives loathe.
maybe the innocent Holmes should be lawyering up and show his "love" for Ross, Stephanopolis, and ABC with a multi-billion dollar lawsuit to get their attention for this obvious smear on his life. Brian Ross needs to go do something else because he really is not a journalist, and George should just go back into that slime hole be crawled out of...
In fairness, and as I have said over the decades, "liberals are over educated beyond their intelligence.".
So, besides poverty pimps and all other Uncle Toms who really cares what the Communist Black Cockroaches care?
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