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Let's make this easy. The term is "public service". To me, this means serving the good of the public for a limited length of time, AND then going back into the private sector where they came from. It also means they should receive a salary without ANY benefits excluding health insurance while they are in office only. Absolutely no pensions, no extended health care benefits after they leave office, no free rides on military jets for personal use. Then, if these congressional types cannot perform their duties according to the US Constitution then they receive no salary for that year (no budget/no salary) Did I mention term limits?
this bimbo might be the most compelling reason to ever be pro-abortion....
apparently, abortion did not work as this dork survived
likewise....we regret John Boehner is used to being in the fetal position when it comes to standing up for conservative values...he needs to go back to cleaning out the bar his daddy owns.
Living in the People Republic of Illinois let me explain a little something as to why conservatives do not back the GOP here. First, the establishment puts up the same tired losers every election cycle. Second, they back the candidates that the same corrupt cowards because they sell out to the highest bidders. So, why should we conservatives back these milquetoast losers we get stuck with? Case in point, three million GOPers stayed home on election day, and did not vote. The first place to start is by changing the way we do primaries. Why let the NE vote for GOP candidates first? How about start the primary voting for GOP candidates in the red states first? I am sure that this way we can get the conservative candidate we want
First of all, Boehner needs to go no matter what happens in 7 days...He is weak at best and a R.I.N.O. otherwise....The GOP need and deserve better than this back bencher...
First of all, nominating rich white guys that are from the Northeast for Presidency is a huge problem. It is a loser because they end up sounding Democrat lite as the campaign drags on. Can anyone name a GOP President from the Northeast in the last 40 years? Second, quit playing this politically correct nicety in the arguments. Why be afraid of calling a Communist a Communist? There should never have been any reason why a Communist, Kenyan born, doper should have been reelected with his record. Third, did not anyone notice which way the Dems went after their beating in 04? They went leftward. Why are Republicans heading that way? Promote conservatives that ware articulate in their message and the GOP will win all sorts of elections.
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Demography Is Destiny

Cajun Mark Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 9:10 AM
I am not going to toss rocks at Mitt because he followed some of the worse advice given to a candidate..... period. However, Brother Barry won this election by divide and conquer and govt giveaways. The Moron Coalition of Bro B. sold their freedoms for a handle full of magic beans. Bro Barry has a career in selling used cars when he gets impeached.
I agree here, but in 4 years it will be another milquetoast moderate with a fistful of bucks that will get nominated. I suggest the first thing done is to change the leadership in Congress. McConnell has lead GOP losses in the Senate for most of his term. Boehner is a joke. Talks tough and then gets into the fetal position when the fights starts. Start by replacing them with some young CONSERVATIVES for the next term. Then get rid of the GOP old guard nation wide and replace them with real conservatives. 3,000,000 GOPers stayed home and did not vote? Disgraceful
We got the government we deserve. Now, for all my young friends out there that voted for this Communist prepare to lose your money, your freedoms, and your mind. I already lost my lunch.
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Racial Divide Worse Under Obama

Cajun Mark Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 10:51 AM
Imagine all us "racists" voting Obama out......
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