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Cheney: Palin VP Pick Was “A Mistake”

Cajun Mark Wrote: Jul 30, 2012 1:17 AM
Sarah Palin was the only reason to even think of voting for McCain...period. I believe McCain's other choice was Joe Lieberman. That should tell you enough about McCain as to why the GOP lost big time in 08.
Panda Wrote: Jul 30, 2012 1:20 AM
Actually, I'm pretty sure Lieberman was never in the running. As I recall, that was an urban legend of sorts.

Apparently, former Vice President Dick Cheney thinks it was “a mistake” for John McCain to have chosen former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate in 2008:

Former Vice President Dick Cheney said it was a mistake for Republican Sen. John McCain to pick Sarah Palin as his vice presidential nominee.

"The test to get on that small list has to be, 'Is this person capable of being president of the United States?," Cheney said on ABC's "This Week."

"I like Gov. Palin. I've met her. I know her. She - attractive candidate. But based on her background, she'd...