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Bill Maher: Ann Romney Has "Never Gotten Her A** Out of the House to Work"

cajunaggie87 Wrote: Apr 16, 2012 10:53 AM
But being a mother is a 24/7 job. And you can't just quit either. You don't get paid for it. You don't get paid vacation. No sick days. Bill Maher, you are an idiot.
nophoney64 Wrote: Apr 17, 2012 6:17 PM
No one is doubting Mrs. Romney's devotion to her family but she never had to worry about a car payment if she lost her job a house payment or if one of her son's needed an operation it was taken care of . How many of you are multimillionaire's?

The conservative outrage machine is going to churn on all cylinders over this one, I think -- and rightly so. Not necessarily because Maher said something unusually contemptible here, but for reasons we'll discuss in a moment. The infamous misogynist's shot at Ann Romney comes right around the 4:30 mark, as he ridicules Rosengate as a "meaningless controversy:"



“But what [Hilary Rosen] meant to say, I think, was that Ann...