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If SCOTUS Overtuns ObamaCare, Liberals Want Single-Payer

cajun22 Wrote: Jun 28, 2012 5:35 PM
Interesting rumi....Today Pelosi was screaming that using "reconciliation" for a vote was like "railroading" Eric Holder. Remember she used "reconciliation" to pass Obamacare. When the dms have a majority, its a great idea. When the R's have a majority, its unethical. Thats "reflections" rumi, not refration. Liberals are all hypocrits.

And the rest of the country wants the government as far away from their healthcare as possible.

Today is the day. The Supreme Court will rule on whether to uphold ObamaCare, take it apart piece by piece or to dismantle it completely. If the individual mandate is struck down and the rest of the law stays, it will crumble on itself, but don't worry, far left members of Congresss have a push for single-payer again.

The last thing House progressives want is for the Supreme Court to strike down President Barack Obama's health care law....