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NBC's Hillary Miniseries Becoming a Nightmare?

cactusspines Wrote: Aug 08, 2013 1:28 PM
repubs owe nothing to CNN or NBC or any in the propaganda media Repubas should have learned that the seemingly weekly debates the repubs engaged in during the primaries, became nothing more then gothcha moments and unfortunately resulted in the repubs running Romney who, if reports are to be believed never really wanted to run and considered dropping out of the race And after the open bias of mediators from the propaganda media, there is even less reason for repubs to agree to the debate farce
According the NBC White House Correspondent Chuck Todd, the answer is yes.

"This miniseries is a total nightmare for NBC."

In case you missed it, NBC is planning to produce a miniseries about Hillary Clinton before the 2016 election cycle, essentially acting as a Super PAC for the potential Democratic nominee. NBC's decision to produce the miniseries has sparked outrage from the RNC and surprisingly, Media Matters. Chuck Todd tried to head off the controversy nearly a month ago when the miniseries announcement was made: