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the ongoing problem for the diktator remains that he is an outside observer to his own failed presidency never once in his life holding a job that required accountability and using affirmative action to push his pathetic life he entered the presidency like he bumbled through everything in life. Others do all the heavy lifting while he stands back and latches on to the success of others He was simply believed getting black was enough and that he would take endless victory laps taking the credit for the work of others. He had nothing to do with husseincare, except sign his his name and peddle the lies his handlers gave him to spew just to get the simple minded to support his trainwtreck
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Poll: McAuliffe: 50%, Cuccinelli: 33%

cactusspines Wrote: Oct 23, 2013 10:52 AM
lowest mcawful is just planning to do to Virginia what your progressive/marxist party has done to Illinois and that is massive tax increases on the earners Yet while you claim to live in schitcago, you have never once complained about the tax burden or the out of control spending in schitasgao or coming from Springfield, which proves you are a non producer, who could care less about govt spending or higher taxes And you have defended your black messiah and his out of control spending while you can't defend how the $7 trillion he added to the debt has fixed anything, that he whined was wrong with America
sounds like liarbelius is trying to play word games and continues to fail at that as well The real question is why hasn't the diktator thrown her under the bus for fugging up his socialist nirvana by making it unworkable. But liarbelius has done the public a great service, she has shown how HHS not only has too much power but wastes too much money But then the diktator needs liarbelius for the time being so she can take the bullets from those trying to shoot and kill the disasterous husseincare trainwreck
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Broke U.S. Resumes Spending

cactusspines Wrote: Oct 23, 2013 10:06 AM
people are living longer then ever and it's not uncommon to meet people who are in their 80's and 90's and still enjoying good health There is nothing to prevent people who want to retire at an earlier age to pay for their own early retirement years The problem is that both medicare and social security need to be fixed and the arbitrary retirement age of 65 was chosen when few people lived that long The far better option is ending social security and allowing citizens to set up their own retirement accounts But you sound like another eager to latch on to the govt sugar teat for as many years as you can
America the beautiful actually the opposite should be true the diktator , so proud of his namesake legislation along with the fairy tale spread by his cult believers of his vast intelligence, should have rolled out a product that not only worked by was so successful it would have embarrassed repubs for their attacks on husseincare and how it works as promised Kinda like looking at a flat tire, which is only deflated where it touches the ground, while the rest of the tire looks fully inflated
doherty looks like are already to join the victory parade for mcawful and swallow the koolaide that the voters are willing to follow mcawful over the fiscal cliff because repubs are trying to stop the diktator from doing the same to America
analingus if your black messiah is praised for having dark skin, why can't he also be held accountable for pushing a law he was too stupid to comprehend and if he is the gifted leader, imbeciles like you keep telling us he is, why has he surrounded hisself with so many imbeciles who are making him look totally incompetent. Perhaps the diktator should construct another fairy tale that losers like you can get all hot and bothered about while you tell yourself, repub racism is the reason the husseincare has failed to work as your black messiah promised it would btw, still waiting for your resume so you can offer prove you aren't a total imbecile, you know things like advanced degrees in economics, running a business, hiring people and making a profit or are you too embarrassed to admit you are living in mommy's basement while she feeds and dresses you
dumb williams typical azzekissing plantation darkie wanta to blame evil repubs because they don't bow and scrape like he does The diktator and dumboy williams point out the fallacy of affirmative action where proven ability is secondary to advancing because of race. What dumbboy can't comprehend is that husseincare is poorly written law, meant as a power grab by the [progressive/marxisty's and not about improving the healthcare systyem but out of touch rich elitist's like dumbboy will never participate in husseincare and lacks the mental acumen to discern how destructive the law is But since dumbboy is down for the cause, why isn't he asking questions about how destructive the diktator's [policies have been to black families and why they continue to suffer the most of any group in America so dumbboy's thinking remains, it's the fault of the evil repubs that husseincare hasn't worked because they forced him to follow the law he signed even though everyone knew it wasn't ready for prime time Yet the diktator controls the govt and the diktator has broken the law by giving exemptions to favorite groups while those who will suffer the most, the average citizenry in America are being screwed by poorly written law
so clue us in jizzmason, why do you constantly brag who much you enjoy dropping to your knees to orally worship your black messiah it's obvious you know next to nothing about the buffoon but continue to self stimulate because you voted black, while you blame repubs for the diktator's self inflicted failures
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