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Coulter: Republicans Should Cave on Tax Hikes Because "We Lost the Election"

caconservative Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 10:22 PM
(con't) As Reagan put it, "the problem with the left isn't that they don't know anything, it's that they know so much that is wrong." The Republicans problem is that they don't have any really good politicians right now, and they have to fight the media and the entertainment industry in addition to Democrats. To you republicans out there, boycott all things left, and yes, I mean stop buying DVDs and belonging to Netflix etc...

Hannity to Coulter: "You sound like Obama." Fightin' words:


SH: So are you saying that, for PR purposes, that they should give in to Obama on the tax rate?
AC: Not exactly, I--Well, yeah, I guess I am. 
SH: You're saying capitulate to Obama? We don't have a revenue problem, Ann.
AC: We lost the election, Sean.  

Hannity seems genuinely flummoxed by Coulter's capitulatory attitude, but does she have a point?  Recent polling has been gruesome...