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People - you really should all stat boycotting all things left. It's time to split the country into left and right businesses and let's see who wins. You must start boycotting Hollywood and Musicians. Cancel HBO, no I tunes, etc...It's the only way.
The Devil's best trick was convincing people he doesn't exist. Progressives are of Satan.
Read Leviticus. Gay people are not normal.
loon - she lies and lies and lies.
Our entire university system needs to be torn down. The vast majority if PhDs are simply jokes.
yep. I weep for America.
Who is the 41?
obama is succeeding in his goal to destroy America. He is a traitor.
Democrats are traitors. It's that simple. Time to start saying it aloud, everywhere.
Since she is a piece of sh-t, this makes perfect sense.
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