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on the other side of the coin... our beloved PG&E donated $250,000 to the anti-prop 8 crowd. this is unconscionable when they whine about their need for more money to properly maintain the infrastructure of their company. this money would at least have helped. likely along with their other donations to causes that have NOTHING to do with power generation or distribution.
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Jeb Bush

CaCalaboose Wrote: Apr 03, 2014 2:15 PM
I would have to say he tried because, apparently, there are still imbeciles out there who think that the Bushs are conservative. I, too, would not care how many Bushs got elected if they were not a disaster in office. It is only because he was followed by the 0 that G.W. looks good at all. But, compared to the 0, Carter looks good. This is no kind of recommendation.
I, for one, DO have a problem with raising the dependent age by gubmint decree. Just because far too many Americans remain children into middle age and beyond is no reason to cause them to be covered for their needs or wants. Their sire and dam (they do not deserve to be called 'parents, they want to be buddies) have done a pitiful job if their spawn are not ready for the world. It is the refusal to call these people the morons they are that allows them to claim some sort of hardship.
just like my union newsletter (required for job) you do not mention WHOSE depressed economy. and if you say 'Bush's' you deserve to have the taste slapped out of your mouth.
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Noah: Hollywood vandalizes the Bible

CaCalaboose Wrote: Apr 01, 2014 12:31 PM
it is refreshing to read a review from a believer who actually saw that which they presume to critique. what a unique idea! I did the same thing with the total waste of time book the dastinky code. what a farce. several times my wife heard the book slam shut and me mutter 'that's all i can stand for now'. (no, i did not buy the book new) thanks for the review. i will not worry that i am missing something worthy of the investment of my time and money.
pathetic garbage disguised as reason. you must have read the dastinky code. if you can stand it, read 2 Peter 3:15-16. notice how Peter refers to Paul's epistles as "scripture". your reasoning is unsound.
i, for one, think it would be worth multiplied millions of dollars every day if we could keep this garbage on vacation permanently....that goes for the whole congress and most of the SCOTUS.
last time i looked, the teachings of Jesus were guaranteed to be an offense to those who are perishing. He said it Himself. there might be a lot more people in churches if we follow mr chapman's advice, but they wouldn't be Christians.
yeah....Jesus was real tolerant of the money changers in the temple...He knew better than to say anything to or about the powerful pharisees and saducees. good thing he didn't offend anybody or they would have curcified Him. ......oh wait.
if they bring a bat, you bring a gun. -paraphrase of the 0.
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