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Persistence: Ron Paul has Master Plan to Hijack GOP Convention

c5c5c5 Wrote: May 05, 2012 10:07 AM
Good point nawlins. Why do conservatives continually run on the premise that they are for small government? LOL. They are not. They are only for shrinking government in a few areas but they are for growing government in a lot more other areas. Don't believe me? Look at most Rep's records for the last 50 years. Government grows no matter if it is a Rep or a Dem in office. This has got to stop. Romney will not stop it. He will only continue this slow torture.

Who needs to win primaries? Not Ron Paul, whose campaign still thinks the persistent politician could wrangle enough delegates at state conventions to be a competative force at the national GOP convention in Tampa. 

Paul campaigners think a strong presence at state-level contests could help them influence and win enough remaining delegates to help their candidate perhaps win a brokered nomination at the national convention, should Romney not get enough votes in the first round. It at least could get Paul more attention for his tiny-government platform.

“Our campaign strategy has always been to amass the...