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C.W.2 Wrote: Jun 28, 2012 9:39 PM
Mr. Obama and the democrats hate the poor. The health care bill makes it law that people must now purchase insurance, doesn't matter if they can afford it or not the law will force them to buy it. Feed the children? Hardly, first the feds will make you give money to their corporate lackies in the insurance industry. Democrats were bought by special interest money to force poor people to starve or face federal charges. Pelosi said the poor were freeloaders, the Dems hate poor people. Love the votes, but detest the people themselves and bleed them to help their friends in the insurance corporations get richer.
Patriotic Liberal Wrote: Jun 28, 2012 10:09 PM
Ridiculous. Mandatory insurance and insurance exchanges was a Heritage Foundation idea. There are means tests and if someone cannot afford it, he will be covered (on grounds the preventative cost is cheaper than emergency room costs, much less the costs of people rolling up and dying in the gutter).

You losers need to rethink your assumptions. They are pocked with laziness and low-effort thinking. Bottom line is that Obamacare rationalizes costs and the Republicans simply push costs away. They are still around. They are still absorbed. But Reeps figure they don't count because THEY do not see them. It is of a piece with your stupid myopia--and it is bringing our country down.
The Sloandog Wrote: Jun 28, 2012 10:50 PM
The only people that are dying in the gutter are Obama supporters getting shot by other Obama supporters.
It's always good to find that Charles Krauthammer's Friday column has made -- alberit much more concisely and elegantly -- the point I was trying to make this morning, discussing Chief Justice Roberts' possible institutional reasons for doing what he did.

I am disappointed and affronted by the result in this case, but I do hope and believe that conservatives will not follow the liberal playbook of vilifying the Chief Justice.  In the end, it achieves nothing to vent our frustration and disappointment by denouncing the Chief.

Rather, let's just get busy.  Learn...